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I’m Jane and I’m hitched to a gem named Andrew. We’re wafting through our post-college, early-married years trying to make the most of this one, precious life the God of the Universe has so lovingly bestowed upon us. We live in rural North Carolina where we shop at farmers markets and drink milk right out of the cow, except now it’s mostly coconut and that doesn’t come from cows. We make a lot of carrot juice, cook dinner for fun, and often concoct things that require too much chopping. Two fat cats sleep at our feet and five laying hens roam our back yard, always under tight supervision from the vicious rooster, Roosevelt.

I work a 9-5 at a university in the area, drive an old-but-nice SUV and generally fail to dress as well as other people while still managing to look alright. I care about the Gospel, eating right, red wine, a comfortable bed, cleaning my house and trying to be kind. I generally reject table crumbs, cold weather, things that cost more than $20 and intravenous needles.

Raw Milk Marathon is about learning, aspiring, and trying the best we can. This space has driven me to think hard about the things I stand for and sift through the illusions of things I don’t. I don’t stand for money or plastic or the sacrifice of truth over image. I do stand for vulnerability, community, rest, worship, vegetables and the honest, free-giving of grace. I post about what I think and hope, and all the beauty I find–usually in the form of food.

If you’re new, let me a suggest a few favorites:
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  1. Meghan B

    Hey! Because I love your blog, I’ve nominated you for an award, but acceptance is purely optional. If you’re interested then please check out this post:


  2. I am so very glad you popped over to my space on this stormy Sunday afternoon so that I could trace you back to yours…it’s delightful here. Amen to dark beer, the Gospel, cats and authenticity. (:

  3. Your blog is awesome and thank you so much for taking time to read mine!

    I nominate you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!!

    The rules for accepting the award require that you:

    Thank the blogger who nominated you (that’s me)
    Place the award on your site (snatch it from my blog post)
    Share 7 random things about yourself
    Nominate 15 blogs and let them know they’ve been nominated and how to accept the award.


  4. Thanks for visiting my blog Jane. I love what you have to say here, hope to see more of you. Tess.

  5. What a great little summary! I’m totally with you on the pants that fit and comfy bed stuff. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to reading yours 🙂

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