Book Release: Questions of a Curious Nature

A few weeks ago I issued an update, mentioning that I’d had the pleasure of editing a book for a my pastor and dear friend, Matt Orth.

Well I am excited to announce the book’s official release. You can find it here.


My review on Amazon says this:
Matt Orth’s insight into the culture of the church and Christianity in America today is unprecedented. He breaks down the established boundaries, stretching, testing, and walking away altogether from the norms we’ve grown so comfortable with in our “Christian” lives.

If you are narrow-minded, easily-offended, or so trapped by your conviction that you cannot possibly see another way… then steer clear. But if you are frustrated by the trends you see in your church and in American Churchianity at large, you’ve got to read this book.

Orth’s interview-format allows for honest, vulnerable exchanges between the characters he’s created. His characters are both fantastical and deeply real, they tap into the hearts in all of us, into the goodness we desire and also the sin we hate.

I laughed and I cringed. While it changed and developed my perspective on the church today, it also asked hard questions of me personally. Ultimately, this book is about living in authentic relationship with King Jesus and each other. If you’re interested in that, you’ll be interested in this.


Oh, and then on page 219, there’s this:


I am moved and changed and humbled by my participation in this project. It took me much too long to complete my part, but I was grateful just to be asked.

I think there are two kinds of people who need to read this book. People who are Christians and people who are disillusioned by Christianity. People who already profess Christianity, but also people who have been burned or confused by it. This book is about church in many ways. But in the richer, rawer ways, it’s about love and truth and grace. It’s about what’s gone wrong, to show us how it can be right and it’s riddled with hope.

Happy reading, friends.




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