UPDATE 6.3.13

Well, I only missed my deadline by one month and two days. Even so, I’ve felt the tugs of my blog reeling me back. How about a quick recap of the last few months to quell your curiosity?

Since my last post on March 25th, I have (usually with my husband):

Built a coop and adopted five chickens, plus one rogue rooster who we’ve appropriately named Roguey.

andrew and chickens

Celebrated nine birthdays of family and friends, including one awesome weekend get-away for a very special 40th surprise party at the Green River Bed & Breakfast.

kelly bday

Welcomed my oldest, loveliest friend Emily for a fabulous weekend of awkward bonfires, tasty food, cheap wine, porch sitting, and infinitely more stimulating conversation than happens with most humans.


Showered my best friend and bride-to-be with gifts at the first bridal shower of her wedding season! They tie the knot on August 3rd.

pres  shower

Showered another of my sweetest friends with neutrally themed baby goods for the mysterious little person due July 29th. I know everyone says this about everyone… but seriously, the most precious pregnant woman ever:


Painted our mailbox, front and screened doors, and chicken coop Farmhouse Red. This thanks to my beautiful mother with who we also celebrated a 40th birthday, for the 14th time. (And on my parents’ second visit, they also gave our shutters a fresh coat of black. Grateful for these two!)



Spent a long weekend in Raleigh with some of our best old friends and family, eating sushi, cooking, movie watching, game playing, beer sipping and even languishing for a brief hour in the hot tub!


circa last summer

Read The Great Gatsby together, a chapter a night before bed.


Attended the 7th or 8th annual (not sure we decided) Women’s Retreat with the most precious, endearing, honest, funny, and entertaining group of women that have ever gone to church.

womens retreat

Camped and canoed with a slew of awesome teenagers and the fabulous wilderness team at Echo Expeditions on the annual Youth Retreat.



And for the greatest of all feats, edited the book Questions of a Curious Nature by Matt O, due out this summer. Find out more at Kickstarter.com. And watch the hilarious video:

q of n

I can read over this list and feel pleased. I can feel like it was time well spent. Time with people who matter. Time investing, loving. Time celebrating. And it was all so good.

But exhausting. Because we tried to do other things too, like eat well and sleep and sometimes exercise, like work, grocery shop, clean house and spend time with our animals, much less each other.

Now I’m suddenly at the start of June, and in fleeting moments of reflection, I realize it was too much. In all the goodness of it, I gave myself over. I couldn’t say no.

I feel like if I wanted to, I could write this post differently and make you believe my life sparkles out of every facet. Perhaps you might believe I’m hugely popular because I have so many friends, or that I’m somehow wealthy because we can afford fun adventures. Maybe you would think I have it all together. We come up with some pretty outrageous assumptions when perusing a few pictures and sentences diligently selected to share.

The truth is, it’s been an exceptional two months. Exceptionally fun and also exceptionally busy. Exceptionally challenging to my faith, to self-understanding, to wellness and peace and rest. My bad habits and unhealthy tendencies becoming even more apparent in the belly of it, like irritability when we’re hungry, surfacing so easily if provoked.

In response, I’m reading the book Boundaries with hope for learning to say “no” better. Maybe I’ll even get around to another post or two.

Sending love




  1. What a lovely month you had! But what is it about May that speeds by so quickly? My month was the same.

    On a different note — your red door and your back patio are adorable. Wish I could hang out there with a glass of wine too!

  2. But Jane. . .you are awesome 🙂

    My first youth group bought me a Ronald Reagan drug war button that said JUST SAY NO on it when I overbooked our drama team and confessed my inability to set boundaries.

    (I want to write more encouraging things about your post but I’m taking that above sentence and starting a new first person novel.)

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