Advent Guide Reflection

Where I worship, we refer to ourselves much less as a “church” and much more as a “community.”
We establish our identify less in the building we use and more in the relationships we’ve forged.

According to Merriam-Webster, a church is defined as: a body or organization of religious believers.

But a community is: a unified body of individuals.

How beautiful a definition, how sublime an implication! Such a spacious and mellow opportunity community affords. The definition of a church so starkly frames its members in a tiny box called “Religious Believer.” But community! It suggests the majestic, rolling field named “Individual.”

Community welcomes diversity, it rejoices in personhood. Embracing the rainbow spectrum of human characteristic, it gleefully weaves a quilt of peculiarity. Not neat n’ tidy, the many cloths on our proverbial shelf are folded kind of wonky. But for all the mash up of mini-prints and plaid, we still compose one awfully pretty blanket.

Sewn together in patience and love, the community is unified; one great heart, one great mind formed in a composition of many tiny hearts and minds bearing the same vision and the same passion. Not always the same interests or taste in wine, but that same kindred thread, binding us up together in all our nonsensical chatter over grace, redemption and God’s return.


Every year during the Christmas season my community writes an Advent Guide. Each day, a member of the community posts a reflection on the theme of the week. The four themes of Advent are Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love.

Today we celebrate the first day of Love; my reflection for December 17th can be found in the
Broad River Community Church Advent Guide.





  1. This post is refreshing. We can get a little caught up in the structure and title of things. Just being a part of that open, flowing club of love known as a community feels more free.


    I had a patient that I love the other day who said he was praying for the rapture. I will send this to him. I so impressed with your thoughts and how you express yourself. You are so gifted. I can’t believe God gave me you to care for. Mom

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