Benefits of Raw Milk

I’ve named this blog intentionally, in large part, because I believe in the nourishing power of food and, more specifically, of raw milk. Here is a good article by the Nourished Kitchen explaining why we should drink our milk raw!

Reasons to Drink Raw Milk.


  1. So now you have me reading/researching all about raw milk, and craving a sample of the stuff. But, I need to track down a local supplier. I live in West Palm Beach, any idea if there are suppliers in my area? I’m sure there are. Guess I’ll be doing some more google searches tonight. Thanks for the info!


    • OK, this is the site Nourished Kitchen recommends for finding sellers near you: Now, I live in NC where it isn’t even legal to sell raw milk! Can you believe that?? But I shop at a local farmer’s market and was introduced to a farmer who has a milk cow. That might be an avenue worth exploring if y’all have a farmer’s market. I can imagine West Palm could be more difficult than some places, but there has to be somebody around there with at least one cow!

      I don’t know what your food philosophy is, but if this interests you, there is a whole world out there that’s been blowing my mind lately about how we are meant to eat. I started at and I have not stopped researching since. Quite frankly, a lot of what we think we know about food simply isn’t true.


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